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Lily Discussion Questions
1. Lily is strong-willed. How do you deal with a strong-willed person?

2. What is the theme of the book?

3. Readers either love or hate the character Lily. Which emotion do you feel and why?

4. While the church rejected the Ramsey Family (mixed-blood marriage and a mixed-blood child—White Dove), Lily loved them. Do you see discrimination in the church today? If so, what can you do to change it?

5. Lily kept Luke’s birth father (James) a secret from Harold. Is keeping secrets ever the right thing to do in a relationship? Why or why not?

6. Lily was unable to inherit Anna, Agatha and William’s faith and salvation. She had to experience it for herself. Is there someone in your life who hasn’t accepted salvation? What are you doing to share the Gospel with him or her?

7. Lily only had one girlfriend, White Dove. What are the qualities you look for in a friend?

8. Lily is bored often. What do you do when you’re bored?

9. Lily suffers a deep depression after so many losses—Willy, her grandmother, her horse and her father. She goes away. Have you or someone you love ever suffered from depression? What helped him or her recover?

10. Sven was gentle as a lamb when sober and mean when drunk. How do you share your concern and/or encouragement with those who live with an alcoholic?

11. Lily is selfish and manipulative in the beginning of the book. How does she change at the end of the novel?

12. What were some of the consequences of Lily’s sins?

13. Lily was redeemed by God. Have you been redeemed? How has it changed your life?

14. Tess knows of James’ past relationship with Lily and that he is Luke’s birth father. How do you think she feels about it? If you were Tess, how would you feel when James wants to help Lily during her murder trial? Are you able to forgive your husband’s past mistakes?