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Held in God's Arms

God held me in His arms as my car rolled and rolled and rolled.  It began like any other day.  I drove the familiar country road to the nearby town for my exercise routine at Curves.  After exercising I returned home on the highway.  

All of a sudden a car pulled in front of me from a cross street.  In that instant I knew it was impossible to prevent hitting the driver and possibly killing him.  I slammed on my brakes and swerved into the fast lane in hopes of avoiding the inevitable.  And, for a second, I thought I might have escaped what was about to happen, but I was wrong.  His car hit my passenger side hard.  This is bad I thought.  But it was only the beginning.  

Witnesses told me later that it looked like a NASCAR accident.  My car propelled up in the air, flipped, and rolled three times.  It happened so fast there wasn't time to pray, but I felt God's presence.  Inside my car I felt a peace and I was ready to meet my Maker.  I felt arms holding me.  I thought it had to be God -- or was it His angels?  

Although shaken, I walked away from the accident without a scratch.  God must not be finished with me yet.  

With tears in his eyes the man I avoided crashing into came over to me.  I'm so sorry, he said. Do you know Jesus?  I asked. Yes, he said, and I think I'm going to know him even better now.  

Some folks need a touch from God and others need to be held in His loving protective arms. That's what I experienced.  Although I was ready to be welcomed home by my Heavenly Father, He has other plans for me.  

I am praising Him and ready and waiting for my next assignment while living an abundant life with Him.

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